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Validation Panel - Sept '99

Members of the panel who attended the two day scutiny of the complete programme.

The ten universities that developed the postgraduate programme agreed to establish a single Validation Panel to scrutinise the complete programme. Validation is necessary to ensure that academic and professionalstandards are maintained. It is an ongoing process that entails periodic reviews.

The first stage of validation was successfully completed during a two day meeting of the Panel on the 29th and 30th September 1999, at the University of York.

Panel Members (left to right) Professor Marc van Rossum (IMEC, Belgium), Dr. Roger Peel (University of Surrey), Professor Hilary Kohn (University of Manchester), Professor Kel Fidler (University of York/Chair), Dr. John Ellis (Mitel Semiconductor, UK), Professor Peter Ivey (University of Sheffield), Mr. Tony Watson (Secretary), Professor David Kinniment (University of Newcastle).

The ten universities were represented by the Development Team (left to right) Professor Ken Singer (UMIST), Professor John Wilson (Heriot-Watt), Dr. Ravi Silva (University of Surrey), Dr. Marc Desmulliez (Herot-Watt), Professor Anthony O'Neill (University of Newcastle), Dr. Les Haworth (University of Edinburgh), Professor Anthony Walton (University of Edinburgh), Dr. Nick Wright (University of Newcastle), Dr Bill Truscott (UMIST), Dr. Greg Parker (University of Southampton), Professor Bill Eccleston (University of Liverpool), Dr. Scott McMeekin (University of Wales, Cardiff), Professor Phil Mawby (University of Wales, Swansea), Professor Chris Wilkinson (University of Glasgow) and Mrs Sandy Peace (IGDS Co-ordinator).