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What is the IGDS ?

The Integrated Graduate Development Scheme (IGDS) is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as a vehicle to provide modular part-time education/training for graduates employed in industry. The delegates (students) gain industrially orientated and market-driven postgraduate training whilst remaining in full-time employment. Currently there are about fifty IGDS programmes available which are supported by over four hundred companies covering all sectors of industry from power generation, petrochemical, aerospace, computers to microelectronics.

Each IGDS programme is set up and run by a partnership of one or more universities working in close harmony with the participating companies. In the case of this programme 'Advanced Silicon Processing and Manufacturing Technologies' the partnership consists of ten collaborating universities and the member companies of the UK National Microelectronics Institute (NMI), who include multinational silicon manufacturing companies, equipment vendors and materials suppliers.

Companies find the IGDS programme very attractive as the programmes are market driven, cost effective and involve minimal absences of the delegates (students) from the factory floor The integrated nature (academia-industry) facilitates rapid application of new knowledge and skills thereby promoting technological progress and competitiveness.

The delegates benefit as the courses are tailored to meet their particular needs, especially in extending their technical and managerial abilities in the context of their companies business. Delegates continue employment and therefore receive their full-time salary whilst studying for a postgraduate qualification.

Administration of this Programme - The role of the IGDS Office

Sandy PeaceSandy Peace is the IGDS Programme Co-ordinator, she is based in the IGDS Office located within the co-ordinating Partner Institution, the University of Surrey, from where the Programme is administered. The Office acts as the main point of contact for the Delegates, Partner Institutions, the NMI and its member companies. Here all Delegate application and registration procedures are co-ordinated, fees collected and all financial aspects of the Programme are carried out.

Course records are collated onto a central database, Delegates' records are recorded and archived, and statistics supplied to the Partner Institutions and companies sponsoring Delegates.

The IGDS Office supplies support and liaison for Module production, facilitates the obligatory residential period for each Module and is also responsible for all marketing material and literature.

Integrated Graduate Development SchemeFor more information about the IGDS, visit the EPSRC website. Clicking on the Igds logo (right) will take you to the relevant page.

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