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  • What is the mathematics level required?

You should have the required maths from your first degree. A full listing of the mathematics level of each module is available from the IGDS Office at the University of Surrey (contact details below)

Knowledge of the fundamentals of statistics is required for delegates undertaking module 2 and, to a lesser extent, for module 5.

  • Can I undertake a single module?

Yes - you may undertake a single module. Should you wish you may normally undertake one or two single modules and then register in retrospect for a postgraduate course.

  • Can I defer making a choice of the university to hold my postgraduate registration?

Yes - you may defer making your choice of university to hold your postgraduate registration, (see Programme Regulations, section 2.5) typically until you have completed one or two modules.

  • Do I have to choose all the modules for my degree at the beginning of my period of study?

No - you may decide which modules to study as you go through the Programme. Your Director of Studies or the Programme Director will advise.

  • When do I have to decide upon the topic of my project?

Normally the topic of your project will be selected in consultation with your academic and industrial supervisors after successful completion of the required modules (see Programme Regulations, section 3.3 and section 3.4)

  • Can I take time out in my study to concentrate on other things?

Yes - you may temporarily take time out from your studies, after discussion with your Director of Studies. The period of interruption should normally not exceed one year.

  • Can I use credits gained in previous study to count towards my degree within this programme?

Yes, you may carry CAT's from another approved and validated masters programme. Up to 30 academic credits at Level M may be transported into the Programme.

  • When can I start my course of study?

At any time. This Programme is not tied to the academic or calendar year, however you must first enroll and arrange for your company to pay your fees before you can commence your course of study.

  • Who should I contact in my company?

Normally this will be either your line manager or the training manager.

  • What is the cost?

There is a uniform fee of 1200 per module and project, per person (with adjustment for inflation). Thus the registration fee for the MSc course is 10,800, the Postgraduate Diploma is 9,600 and the Postgraduate Certificate is 4,800. An individual module is 1200.

There are significant discounts for member companies of the NMI, whose delegates successfully complete the full MSc programme. For further details please contact the IGDS Office at the University of Surrey (contact details below)

  • Will my employer pay my fees?

Yes - normally your employer will pay your fees, but you are responsible for making this arrangement with them.

  • What do the fees cover?

All tuition and associated materials, all tutorial support, examination fees (excluding re-sits). During the residential week the fee includes a Welcome Reception and dinner on the Sunday evening, a Module Banquet and all lunches and refreshments during the day.

THE IGDS Office will arrange accommodation (normally all delegates undertaking a module will be housed in the same hotel/hall of residence) but you must cover the cost of accommodation.

  • I am not employed in the silicon industry, but may I enroll for this course?

Yes - providing you have the appropriate background knowledge. Facilities exist to assist applicants who wish to retrain in microelectronics/silicon manufacture. Please contact the IGDS Office for further details.

  • Is there a cost saving if I register for the complete MSc programme at the outset?

No. But for sound academic and administrative reasons it is preferable to enroll for the complete course of study (MSc, Diploma or Certificate) when you have reached your decision.

  • Can I change my registration from postgraduate MSc to postgraduate Diploma or Certificate?

Yes - a delegate who is registered for the postgraduate MSc is able to change their registration to a postgraduate Diploma or Certificate, providing that it is offered by the university holding their registration

  • Can I change the university holding my registration?

Yes - in exceptional cases, conditional upon approval by the Programme Director.

  • Can I skip some assignments in a given module?

No. It is a requirement that all delegates should complete all assignments, assessed exercises and the supervised examination.

  • Is this programme nationally/internationally recognised?

    Yes. The partner Universities are internationally recognised for the quality of their teaching and research. During recent assessments they essentially all gained "excellent" Teaching Quality Assessment scores and ratings of 4 to 5* (the highest) in the recent Research Assessment Exercise.

  • Can I transfer my accrued academic credits to another University outside this programme?

    Yes. If you have to withdraw from the course there are procedures available to transfer your academic credits to another UK university (outside the consortium) or to an overseas university. However, the procedures have not been implemented in all universities, so each case must be assessed and treated individually.

  • What are the entry requirements for the Programme?

In all instances the minimum entry requirement is a Bachelor's degree (Hons) (normally 2 (2) or above) from a British university or the CNNA, or an appropriate degree from any other university (home or abroad) approved by the Board of Studies for this purpose and in an appropriate scientific or engineering discipline. Alternatively applicants must have (i) a qualification accepted as equivalent by the partner universities or, (ii) extensive relevant experience. (See Programme Regulations, page 11, section 2.1)

  • How do I obtain further information?

Contact the IGDS Co-ordinator at the University of Surrey (contact details below), or a knowledgeable member of staff in your company, or academic in one of the partner universities

  • I need more information about a partner university, where do I look, who do I ask?

You can either contact the IGDS Co-ordinator at the University of Surrey (contact details below) or visit the webpage for the partner university on this website under "Partner Universities"

  • Who will be my Director of Studies? How do I contact him/her?

When you embark upon a period of study for each module, a Director of Studies will be appointed who will normally be the module convenor at the university delivering the module

  • How many modules will I have to undertake in any one year?

Delegates will normally be required to undertake a minimum of two modules per year.

  • Do I have to undertake the 'obligatory' module?

In certain circumstances it may not be necessary, depending upon your qualifications and experience. The matter should be discussed with your Director of Studies

  • Do I have to undertake the obligatory module first?

The obligatory module may be taken at any time during the Programme, but Delegates are encouraged to undertake it at an early point in their studies as it gives an excellent overview to silicon processing technologies.

  • What is the duration of a taught module?

Each taught module lasts approximately twelve to fourteen weeks, during which time there is an initial period of distance learning, directed reading and assignments followed by a Residential Week at the university delivering the module. The Residential Week is comprised of lectures, computer and laboratory sessions, with evening tutorials and discussion groups. After this there is a further period of distance learning, directed reading and assignments and lastly a supervised two hour examination (normally three questions from five).

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