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Module Number: 17

Title: Mini Project

Module Credits: 15
(Optional for Postgraduate Diploma (1) )


  • Academic at host institution

Lecturers/ Tutors:

  • Not applicable

Industrial Advisor(s):

  • Professional Engineer(s) appointed by the academic institutions (drawn from the company hosting the Mini Project)


The aim of the Mini Project Module is to provide an opportunity for the Delegate to undertake an engineering problem or, alternatively, to carry out a detailed literature survey and to produce and subsequently defend their work, as summarised in a Dissertation

Learning Objectives:

On successful completion of this module the Delegate will have gained:

  • experience of applying the knowledge gained from the taught elements of the programme to real engineering problems, or alternatively the Delegate will have the experience of carrying out a literature survey and making a critical assessment of published technical material.
  • experience of report writing and presentation of a written, balanced evaluation of technical knowledge.
  • experience in the marshalling of ideas and the defence of his/her written work


  • Initial Report 10%
  • Dissertation and viva voce examination 90%

Background to the Module:

The Mini Project is an integral part of the programme for Delegates undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma at certain partner institutions (1) otherwise it is optional for Diploma Delegates. This module entails 150 hours of notional study time and will normally be carried out at the Delegates place of work.

Diploma Delegates who undertake this module, may choose either to carry out a literature survey or, alternatively a theoretical or experimental study of an engineering problem.

This module will be attractive to Delegates who wish to achieve the depth and breadth of knowledge offered by the Postgraduate MSc, but who do not have the desire or the opportunity to pursue the MSc Project that makes a much greater demand on the Delegates' time.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge:

Successful completion of seven taught modules will be required to ensure background knowledge upon which the Mini Project will be based.

Delivery & Assignments:

  • Initial Report
  • Dissertation and viva voce examination


  • Not applicable

Recommended Texts

  • To suit

Conference & Journal Papers

  • To suit


  • To suit

(1) Currently seven taught modules plus a Mini Project Module is compulsory for Diploma Delegates registered at Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester

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