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University of Wales, Surrey



Croeso i Abertawe

The Principality of Wales is home to Swansea, located on the beautiful Gower peninsula, which has been designated an area of 'Outstanding Natural Beauty'. Access is well served by road (M4 motorway), rail (main line services) and the growing international airport near Cardiff, just one hour away.

Swansea, once described by the poet Dylan Thomas as an "ugly, lovely town", is the second largest city in Wales. Named by the Vikings 'Sveins Ey' (meaning Swein's Island) its' development only began to take off with the coming of the Normans in the 11th Century. Since that time, Swansea has transformed from a small market town with a port, via a chequered industrial history, into a modern city, which balances the needs of industry and commerce with the protection and promotion of its natural surroundings and historic legacy.

The main campus of The University of Wales Swansea is located within Singleton Park on the broad sweep of Swansea Bay, between the city of Swansea and the old fishing village of The Mumbles. The University was founded in 1920 and is one of the six constituent institutions of the University of Wales, which is second in size only to the University of London. Singleton Abbey dating back to 1780, is one of the oldest surviving buildings of its type in Swansea, it is around this building that the original University College campus was composed. Since its founding the University has grown and now boasts many new buildings in Singleton Park, thus providing all the amenities and facilities for this leading university.

University of Wales, Swansea

Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringDEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING

Tel: 01792 295587 Fax: 01792 295686

The Department is located right in the centre of the campus (see map above) and is one of the five top-class departments in the Faculty of Engineering; it was recently awarded an excellent rating for teaching and a grade four rating for its research. EEE provides a first class environment for both study and research which has gained international recognition. The Department attaches great importance to the quality of its teaching and is justifiably proud of the facilities which it has to offer.


The following information outlines the arrangements which have been made for the programme at the University of Wales Swansea, in relation to facilities and accommodation; and also importantly, gives an overview about the academic staff from Swansea presenting the Modules here, along with those academics contributing to Modules being convened by other partner institutions. Swansea is the convening partner for Module 8 'Power Devices and Processes'.

Professor Phil MawbyProfessor Phil Mawby has been a member of the academic staff at Swansea within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and for thirteen years. During that time he has taught modules at all levels of the undergraduate course, particularly concentrating on semiconductor device processing and theory, including a final year module on power semiconductor devices. In addition he has taught modules in other areas such as programming, VLSI system design and electronic circuits. He has also contributed to several postgraduate courses including those taught to local silicon wafer fabs. Professor Mawby is the Academic Convenor for Module 8 'Power Devices and Processes'



Tel: 01792 295 967 Fax: 01792 295

The Engineering & Physical Sciences team based in the Library & Information Centre, are responsible for library and information services to the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The opening hours are usually from 09.00 to 20.00 Monday to Friday and from 12.00 to 17.00 on Saturdays.

All Delegates will have free access to this service and by visiting their web-site, full listings of all available materials and database links will be gained, this access will be arranged for you by your Director of Studies. The subject librarian is Alasdair Montgomery (on ext: 5042) he has two assistants Susan Glen (ext: 5031) and Susan Prosser (ext: 5031), who may be contacted to provide help and advice. Information on opening hours can be obtained on the above contact numbers.


The campus Kopy Shop provides photocopying facilities, full details will be given to Delegates on registration.

Computing Facilities

Computing facilities across the Swansea campus are networked and access passwords will be arranged for delegates upon registration by their Director of Studies. There is a Helpdesk and Advisory Service based in the Library, to help users overcome any problems which may be encountered.


Delegates will be accommodated in a nearby hotel in en-suite accommodation.


There is a good selection of places to eat on campus to suit all tastes, mostly to be found in the Fulton building, including JC's Bar which has a range of real ales and speciality coffees. There is also a wine bar located in the Talesin Arts Centre. Outside the campus there is a wide selection of restaurants, bars and cafes



There is a modern sports centre a short walk from the campus, which includes a multi-purpose sports hall, squash courts and swimming pool. Facilities exist for a wide variety of activities from Aikido to Weight Training. Full details may be accessed of the web.

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