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9. Academic Misconduct

It will be regarded as academic misconduct of any Delegate to commit an act whereby he/she seeks to obtain for himself/herself or for another Delegate, an unfair advantage. Academic misconduct shall include:

  • (i) impersonation of another Delegate
  • (ii) communicating with another Delegate during a supervised examination
  • (iii) plagiarism
  • (iv) fabrication of results of work not carried out by the Delegate
  • (v) copying of work belonging to another person

The case of academic misconduct shall be considered by the Board of Examiners in accord with the regulations of the Co-ordinating Institution [University of Surrey]

10. Termination

The Programme of study by a Delegate may be terminated on the recommendation of his/her Director of Studies and the Board of Examiners, after endorsement by the Board of Studies, that his/her academic progress is considered unsatisfactory. Termination under this provision requires written warning of unsatisfactory performance to be given. A Delegate may be excluded from this Programme for other than academic reasons in accordance with the provisions of the Rules, Regulations and Ordinances of the institution holding his/her registration or where he/she undertakes the individual modules.

11. Amendments

Proposed amendments to these regulations must be submitted to the Board of Studies, the Programme Validation Panel and the individual Partner Institutions for approval.

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9. Misconduct, Termination & Amendments


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