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8. Quality Assurance

8.1 Quality Assurance Procedures

This Programme is subject to the Academic Quality Assurance Policies of the Partner Institutions in accordance with their Charters, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations. Whilst each institution will apply local arrangements for quality assurance and control, the consortium of institutions will manage and oversee procedures that will assure consistent standards across the whole Programme. Responsibility for the implementation of these procedures will reside with the Board of Studies, whilst an overall consideration of quality control will be part of the validation exercise for the Programme. The Board of Studies will receive input from the following:

(a) Delegate Feedback - Delegates will be invited to complete an evaluation form, which will elicit feedback on:

  • (i) course content
  • (ii) quality of teaching
  • (iii) technical material
  • (iv) match between expectations and learning outcome
  • (v) organisation
  • (vi) accommodation
  • (vii) facilities [input from the National Microelectronics Institution will be sought at the end of each taught module].

(b) Feedback from Module Convenors and Lecturers

  • (i) comments relating to all aspects of the taught module will be sought

(c) Feedback from External Examiners:

  • (i) written reports from the external examiners will be available both to the Board of Studies and the local academic bodies in the Partner Institutions

(d) Continual Review:

  • (i) the Programme Director and Directors of Studies will monitor progress on a continuing basis and, when appropriate, will take action or report in writing to the Board of Studies

(e) Annual Review: An annual review will be undertaken by the Board of Studies, which will address the following issues:

  • (i) progress and assessment of the Delegates
  • (ii) external examiners comments
  • (iii) other matters concerning academic issues
  • (iv) change in the aims , learning outcome, technical content
  • (v) Delegate evaluation and feedback
  • (vi) changes in resources or strategy
  • (vii) Delegate recruitment

(f) Periodic Review: The Programme will be subject to Periodic Review as part of the Validation Procedure.

12. Board of Studies - Delegate Representation

Two Delegate Representatives shall be elected to the Board of Studies, from among and by the Delegates registered for this Programme. This process will be organised by the IGDS Office.

Delegate Representatives will be appointed for a period of two years and the Board will meet at least twice a year.

In summary, the Board of Studies shall be responsible to the Board of Management for:-

  • the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of the academic policies and standards relating to this Programme, its delivery, maintenance and quality assurance.
  • monitoring and the overall progression of Delegates within the Programme
  • gathering and considering evaluative "feedback" from the Delegates on the completion of each module and on the Programme as a whole
  • recommending to the Board of Management arrangements for the Periodic Review

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