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4. Progression: Taught Modules

4.1 Assessment

Delegates understanding of the subject matter and his/her attainment of the learning outcomes for each module, will be assessed from problem solving assignments, an extensive written report and a supervised two hour examination, the latter being held at the end of the post residential study period for each taught module.

Two external examiners will be appointed by the Board of Studies to act as moderators.

4.2 Conditions for Passing a Module

A Delegate will be required to achieve an overall weighted average of 50% in each taught module including a minimum of 50% for the supervised module examination and also a minimum of 50% in the Project, to be eligible for a postgraduate award. No module may count towards more than one of the postgraduate awards [Degree, Diploma or Certificate].

4.3 Retaking an Examination

Delegates failing to achieve 50% in a module supervised [written] examination may be permitted by the Board of Examiners, to present himself/herself, for re-examination on one occasion only, and normally not later than two years from the date of the first examination. The Delegate will be required to achieve a minimum of 50% at the second sitting. Delegates who fail to achieve 50% at the second sitting, will be deemed to have failed the module and a re-take or replacement module will not be allowed.

4.4 Length of Study

The study time and credits required for each award are as follows:

  • Master of Science:
    • 1800 notional hours: 180 credits at level M
  • Postgraduate Diploma:
    • 1200 notional hours: 120 credits at level M
  • Postgraduate Certificate:
    • 600 notional hours: 60 credits at level M

For the Degree of Master of Science, the normal minimum time is 24 months with a maximum time of 60 months, for completion from the initial registration.

For the Postgraduate Diploma, the normal minimum time is 24 months and a maximum of 60 months, and for the Postgraduate Certificate the normal minimum time is 12 months and a maximum of 36 months.

For the Degree of Master of Science it is required that all modules shall be satisfactorily completed within the 60 month period from initial registration, although the Board of Studies may grant Delegates permission for late submission of their MSc Dissertation, provided permission is sought prior to 60 months from initial registration. The allowed extension will be specific to the individual Delegate's circumstances. Normally only one extension will be allowed.

Upon the recommendation of the Director of Studies at the institution holding the Delegates registration, the Board of Studies may extend the maximum period of registration, specified above for a given award, by not more that one year at a time.

4.5 Distinction

Delegates who obtain an average mark of 70% or more, and who are awarded a Dissertation mark of at least 70%, will be eligible for the award of the Degree of Master of Science with Distinction. No Distinction will be awarded to a Delegate for the Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.


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